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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Custom redesigning consecrates better returns than the website templates

To rekindle the appearance of a website and to upgrade content in a limited cost, the website owners often choose to pick free template from web and arrange the website content into that. Although, redesigning a website always causes a slight drop in the rankings of the website but a website redesigned through a template may not be having SEO friendly factor. The website templates are made with the vision to give an impressive revamp to the website but those are not crafted from SEO point of view. On the other hand, custom redesigns are always performed with a target to make the website attractive and SEO friendly. According to SEO experts, custom redesigning is the better way to easily regain the lost rankings of a website after revamping.

The primary disadvantage of using a template for redesigning is that thousand over the web might be using the same template on their websites. On the contrary custom redesigning is always a unique work. Nonetheless one time investment into custom redesigning can cut down the future redesigning cost as custom designs made into Joomla or WordPress can be easily edited or restructured in future. A professional web design company offering custom redesigning services always renders cost effective solutions that return back full value on money. Above all, in case of template, one is bound to go with a fixed layout while custom redesigning renders greater freedom to the website owner to instill his specific features. At Web Design Company the custom redesigning begins from and ends at customer specific requirements, industry needs and in tune with the competition.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Logo Design – Not Just a Pretty Typeface

Often overlooked as “cosmetic,” a company’s logo can be one of its hardest-working assets.

A company logo may be the last thing cost-conscious CEOs focus on when they’re looking to jump-start growth.

Below, find six little secrets for coming up with a great logo without breaking the bank.

1. Be simple. Some of the best logos are the simplest. One of the oldest is the mark used by the Bass brewery: a red triangle. Target has made a red circle with a red dot in the middle seem the very essence of affordable, hip practicality. Now H&R Block is trying to claim a green square. It will probably work. Simple things are easy to remember and tend not to become dated quickly.

2. Leave it open. Don’t try to make a logo that will explain at a glance the complete nature of your company. A logo that raises a question and is open to interpretation is better than one that attempts to contain all the answers.

3. Be relentlessly consistent. Companies that have strong graphic identities have built them through years of use. Pick a typeface. Pick a color. Use them over and over and over again, on everything. Before long you’ll find yourself with an identifiable look and feel. That’s more valuable than a logo, and anyone can afford it.

4. Don’t be embarrassed about logo design. Things like logos and colors can be considered “cosmetic,” and hardheaded businesspeople sometimes avoid focusing on them. But most design-driven companies got to be that way thanks to a highly placed advocate, such as Thomas Watson at IBM in the 1960s or Steve Jobs at Apple today. For a design program to work, it needs to be seen as important to important people. Care about it.

5. Get good logo design advice. You can go pretty far with common sense. But sooner or later, you’ll need to hire a professional graphic designer for help. The American Institute of Graphic Arts is the largest professional organization for graphic designers. Its Web site ( offers information about how to find and work with experienced professionals.

6. Don’t expect miracles. Your company’s logo design image is the sum total of many factors. Sticking a clever logo on a stupid piece of communication gets you nowhere. Make sure that your company looks, sounds, and feels smart in every way, every time it goes out in public. That is actually much better than a logo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Website redesigning- Let a web design company hit the right note

Undoubtedly, the advent of cutting edge tools like Joomla and WordPress have made it easier for the web site owner to make frequent changes in the website but still at some stage website needs a professional touch. The in-house submission and repetitive editing sometimes makes the website a messy layout. At the same time, bulky images and other contents slow down the uploading speed of the website. In such situation, a website needs a bit of redesigning to enhance the space and a fresh bit of programming to accelerate the uploading speed. Nonetheless with the moving time, the navigation and layout styles keep changing, so redesigning after a certain period is like a mandatory tonic for the website.

At the end of the day, motive of every website design is to emerge as a search engine friendly website that is easily visible on search engines and is attractive enough to captivate the visitor. This is the fact that changes in the design and layout of the website do affect their search engine rankings. A professional web design company meets those requirements of redesigning and content edition that can prevent the website from experiencing a fall in rankings. Web designers from a professional web design company always try to create a new age design where it is extremely easy for the upgraded crawlers to dig up the website deeper. At Web Design Company we have a team of expert web designers and developers who keep a smart eye on changing trends and are capable to meet individual and industry specific needs of website owners.

Friday, October 8, 2010

SEO outsourcing- Necessity for the current economy

The recent recession has broken financial backbone of big multi national companies which were earlier boasting of ruling the global market. Although recession has officially gone but the trade pundits are predicting that it’s after effects are expected to remain until 2012. The economy will yet take three more years to come back in form resulting into stiffer competition among businesses. Everybody is searching most cost effective services to survive and meet inevitable need of marketing.

At present SEO is undoubtedly the best answer to all needs amid current economic turmoil’s for its convincing nature at reasonable cost. It’s true that a website is the quick medium to access your target audience but among thousands of websites offering similar services it’s quite difficult to attract desired clientele. The SEO does this job for you by methodically presenting your website to your target customers looking for the same services on the most prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN .

SEO is an multi layered process which follows the key phrases used by maximum customers to search a particular thing on web. It optimizes those keywords and instills them into your website’s different web pages and visit-worthy places on web. Article submission, directory submission, link building, meta tags, blogging, forum posting, press releasing, keyword rich web content and site description in web directories are all powerful tools for this optimization.

“So which is the best option > — SEO in house or SEO outsourcing”

The search engines adopt a very intricate methodology to showcase the websites on the basis of the keywords typed in by the user. There are group of professional so called “SEO Geeks “, who have been testing and playing with search engine algorithms for last one decade, these professional understand the nerves of search engines very well, and they have devised some powerful strategies which can help any website getting ahead of its competition on Google .

To be precise, you must always partake the services of a “Professional Seo” while marketing your website for keywords rankings. Always opt for professional who have verified credentials to their ranking claims.

If you are doing “Inhouse SEO”, you must direct the entire campaign under aegis of “Best SEO Company like SEMSEO” – which can remotely work with you in enacting a powerful seo strategy for your business.

Outsourcing SEO in India

In India you can trust SEMSEO Company (the sub entity of Miracle Studios), for the best pricing and result oriented quality of SEO services. The company has rendered brilliant results to more than 300 global businesses with its effective strategy and state of the art methodology. It has been recently awarded as best SEO Company of India.

Get in touch with this leading SEO outsourcing company at

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Expand Your Business Through A Professionally Designed Website

The world of internet technology has been evolving since years and this evolution has really change the way of living, communicating and most importantly, doing business. At this point of time, the competition in the national and international market has become extremely tough. It has become hard for the businessmen to keep hold over their customers, for more and more options are being given to them. This is the reason, more stress and importance is being given to brining pioneering changes in business functions and practices. And nothing can be better than getting your own website designed by a professional web design company.

Most of the companies have their official websites, which helps them in developing their business, in terms of increased clientele. It has become very important to have your own website and to make it operational, you need to have professional website design, which will help you in converting user traffic into your actual customers.

In Hong Kong the trends in the field of doing business through websites, have been equally evolved, as they have been evolving across the globe. Website design Hong Kong can make your business efficient and it will let you have control over it in a perfect way. Basically, your website is a representative, which helps in explaining and showcasing your products and services to the user traffic across the globe. The trends in shopping have also been changing. People have started to shop online and online shop Hong Kong is the way, which has been proved beneficial for the customers and sellers.

To get a website designed for your business means that you are going to prepare a representative for your business. Therefore, it is very important to give the contract to a reliable and authentic website design firm. The purpose of a website is to increase user traffic and there are several features, which play vital role in representing you in a comprehensive way. Content management system is one of the key players, which helps in improving the control of the website owner over his site. With the help of web CMS; you can easily improve the functionality of your site.

You can keep on updating your web pages, by adding latest information regarding your product and services. Moreover, you can provide your customers with easier and convenient ways of communicating with you. In this way, your company can attain customer loyalty, which will enhance your repute and goodwill in the market. You can findweb design Hong Kong company of you own choice of by searching over for it over internet. Miracle Studios is best Web Design Company in India according to Google.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to achieve a web design that works wonders for you?

Businesses all around the world have an identity of their own on a global level in the form of websites on the World Wide Web. The reach of the internet is so far spread that it has become a major source for information and has a tremendous user count. This brings in a lot of businesses big and small flocking in and trying to create a niche for themselves and attain visibility amongst all their potential customers. So what really sets you apart from the ever growing traffic online? The answer essentially is in the nature of your web design and the way you promote your products through it. While establishing a good website online is necessary it is not good enough unless it works to boost your business.

The first and foremost of your concerns for getting a good website designed and working for you is to check for its consistency. You website should be well consistent with your brand and business. Your website should reflect the corporate nature of your business and help attain brand identity. Everything from marketing to promotion of your brand should go well in tandem with the design of your website and this helps to maintain consistency in all your business endeavors. Another aspect of a good website design is enhancing the usability of the website. This means that the website is easier to find on the web as well provide the user an ease in navigation when they enter your website. When the navigation is made simple and logical and all links provided in the website are in perfect working condition it unquestionably gives a professional feel to your website.

Fonts also play a major role in creating a lasting impression on the viewer who is interested in your product or service. A cocktail of different fonts or irregular sizes and flashy colors are to be completely avoided. The text should be easy to read, laid out in a logical format, and should be a tint darker than the background color. Also you need to check whether they function well on different browsers. The next factor affecting the professionalism of a website is the design patterns used throughout the web pages. The design should be well connected to the brand identity you portray for your business. It creates the first impression for your website because the design is the aspect that catches your eye as soon as the webpage opens.

In spite of the widespread usage of the internet there is no guarantee that everyone uses the same speed of data transfer. So for some it may be fast as lightning and for other unfortunate ones it would be well compared to a turtle’s pace. Therefore it is important that your website loads faster even for slower connections and this can be achieved by keeping the website design simple and not overloading it with videos and pictures that add on to the size of the web page. Also when your website loads faster it gives an impression to the visitors that you value their time, which is good. Finally, the most important key to attract more and more visitors to your webpage is by making it search engine friendly. Miracle Studios is in Best web Design Company of India according to Google.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creative websites are non-SEO friendly – A myth or truth?

Your website is the first impression of your business afore your clients, so it has to be unique, unmatched and amusing. This is what always reinforces the cognition of creative web designers and they often have to gallop their own parameters to innovate something unique for their clients. Like the modern art, the creative web designing is appreciated worldwide but what stops most of the website owners to embrace it is the cost and misconceptions about the creative web designing. There is a myth that creative websites steal hearts but don’t attract business for being
designed as non-SEO friendly. Though the cost of building a creative website can be foundation of this myth but this is true that the creative design never hampers the website’s visibility on search engines.
The wrong notion about a SEO friendly website also responsible for reluctance towards creative web designing as people think that search engine crawlers don’t comprehend the complex designs. The fact is that a SEO friendly website is one that is simple and easy to use and that has nothing to do with a creative design.The interesting and prompting navigation is the job of web development and not the designing.Designers are solely responsible for the creative and innovative presentation of contents of your website though they can contribute a bit into navigation through creative arrangement of buttons in Flash. If one has got a highly creative Flash based website from an experienced web design company it doesn’t only bring good rankings but can also be selected among top ten creative or amazing websites of the web. Various independent organizations and surveyors keep conducting surveys on latest creative works published on web that ultimately bring unrestrained visibility for those selected websites.
At Web Design Company, we utilize state of the art technology and latest tools to minimize the cost of building a creative website, so affordability is not a hurdle with us. By joining hands with Web Design Company, you can always get your dreams painted on the most visited landscape of web without worrying about the monetary issues.

Is social Media really a cocktail party?

There has lately been much hype around Social Media Optimization (SMO) that is nothing but just a cocktail party. However, SMO is much more than a cocktail party as when it comes to generating traffic, SMO tactics can drive huge traffic to a website.Although SMO is related to Search Engine Marketing, still SMO differs from it in many ways. Major difference lies in SMO’s focus on generating traffic from sources other than search engines. Other than this, SMO employs the use of blogging, social news buttons, RSS feeds and voting, discussions to increase the website’s popularity. Marketing of a brand name with the use of social networking sites and other social online activities is the main strategy of SMO.
Face book, Twitter, Flickr, etc are some of the commonly used social networking sites that are used by SMO people. Using these networking sites help in optimizing a company’s name as it reaches vast number of people at networking sites. These sites completely fit the bill when it comes to putting across a marketing or promotional message.It has been observed that if used properly, SMO services prove to be a better source of driving traffic to a website than SEO. Not only this, SMO harnesses a lot of free traffic, thus, much cheaper than SEO services.
Social media optimization services can work wonders for a business implemented correctly by the businesses. Hence, the need of SMO expert is also essential who can take care of the SMO techniques to help you gain the traffic to the site. Avail complete services of social media optimization at to enhance your business and brand name.

Saturday, May 1, 2010